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Light Up Your Sex Life

Time and time again we hear about ways to give our sex lives a bit of a re-vamp, why? Well, let's face it years in a relationship with the same person takes hard work, and hard work in the bedroom is no exception.  It's like a muscle, if you don't use it you lose it and that can lead to bigger issues within a long term relationship.  So what can we do to keep things hot and spicy?  Firstly, a bit of dirty talk can work wonders, you can start by texting your partner in the morning, suggesting what you'd love to do to them later, you will no doubt be excited to hear a reply & the anticipation of what's to come will set the tone for the night ahead!   Why not switch up the power dynamic? So, if you're naturally submissive, you could take the role of the dominant one, get some sexy lingerie and start seducing, this can certainly add something surprising & unexpected to your sex life.  After play can be just as important as foreplay, this is where you should both be feeling connected to one another so lying together and chatting about what's just happened and how you can take things forward could be really beneficial.  And finally, don't get stuck in a rut with your positions!  It's laziness that keeps people in the same old routine, there is a whole plethora of ways to have sex that you can experiment with, so I suggest you go and explore what works for you, and have fun discovering! Hannah Hunter

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