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Improvements in science and technology are being made all the time - on a daily basis people are working behind the scenes towards breakthrough cures to all sorts of deadly illnesses.  HIV has been an enormous killer over recent years and there are currently around 35 million people living with the virus and women make up more than half of those infected.   Not surprisingly most of those with HIV are in Africa where condoms are not commonly used, so scientists have developed something to help women to protect themselves.  This potential life saver is a vaginal ring, which are sold in the US and UK as a contraception device, but the anti- HIV version tested in Africa has no contraception but instead is laced with an anti- HIV drug.  It offers a 27% reduced risk of infection so it's not a fail safe but it's without doubt a step in the right direction.  Once again though it's been left for the women to take on all the responsibility, it's about time that the responsibility lay equally with women and men!  And if only the most basic of device, the condom is talked about more and was freely available the rate of infection would be so much less.   However, we must be grateful for baby steps. Hannah Hunterring

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