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Lady in Red

redAccording to a recent study, the colour a woman chooses to wear determines how quickly you'll be able to get her into bed.  So what colour might be worn by the most easiest of women?  Yes, you've guessed it - red! Apparently most men think that a women wearing a red item of clothing means she has a "greater sexual intent" - but if a woman's wearing blue, green or white - well, you can forget getting your leg over with her!  Take note that the red item of clothing needn't be a slinky dress or a low cut top - a plain red t-shirt will do the job. Makes sense really - a woman will usually go for a red or black set of undies if she wants to look sexy - blue or green don't spring to the top of the list when thinking of sexy underwear colours.   Red equals danger and excitement  and everyone loves a dangerous and exciting woman in red!

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