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Health and fitness is all around us nowadays - whether it be a flyer for a new gym, TV chefs cooking up a healthy storm or joggers in the park - we cannot escape that being strong, healthy and fit is a big priority in most peoples' lives.  But it's not just the parts of the body we can see that we should be concerned about, what's on the inside counts too.  Oh indeed, those pelvic floor muscles need to be worked to keep us ladies tight downstairs!  Pelvic floor muscles - or lack of them, can be the bane of many pregnant ladies'/mother's lives, I won't go into detail but they can cause all manner of embarrassing situations after a sneeze or cough so to keep them in working order it's important to exercise them.  You can do this in a couple of different ways, one way being to simply squeeze the muscles and another way would be to pop a jade egg (AKA kegel egg) into your vagina and work the muscles to keep them in place.  And this is exactly what one woman did recently before a partaking in a session with her bed buddy, but she went about it in quite the wrong way. She received them in the post, washed them in boiling water - all sounding good so far, but the next step was where she went wrong - she inserted them WHILE STILL HOT!  I mean, can you imagine?!  A word to the wise ladies, the skin on the inside of the vagina is far more sensitive than the skin on our fingertips, so proceed with care! Hannah Hunter KE

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