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Is It A Bird?…..

No.  And it's not a plane either.  For those of you not down with the kids, this is a drone.  A drone is an unpiloted aircraft which is controlled remotely, and the word "drone" is actually the continuous low humming sound that this aircraft makes - a little, some might say,  like a vibrator! The popularity of the drone is on the rise and the naked sunbathers at a nudist beach in Dorset had their feathers ruffled recently as they noticed the low-flying craft making it's way up and down the beach, fearing there was a camera attached to it and the unseen controller had the bare faced cheek to take photos of their naked bodies! Some might say that these people have got their kit of on a public beach so surely they have nothing to hide, others might say that having their pictures taken - without consent, is an invasion of their privacy, and we all know where pictures of naked bodies can end up.  It's the not knowing who is taking the pictures or where they might end up and for what purposes which would unnerve me.  But there will always be the fascination with the naked body so if you are on a public nudist beach be aware that there is bound to be the odd perve wandering around having a good old gawp at your bits.  If you're not aware of this then isn't that just being a touch naive? drone

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