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I thought it was the other way round!

How many times have we heard that a young wife has given her older husband a heart attack?  There are famous men who have died from this very condition.  I also have personal experience of this scenario - the father of an ex-boyfriend of mine died from heart related issues, during sex!!.  When planning the funeral, his 4 sons kept all the arrangements secret and no information on his death or funeral was published or released - Why?  After much pushing my boyfriend revealed that his father had died with 5 lovers on the go, he was only with one at the time, but blimey.  His wife and the other 4 did not know anything about each other.  What a gigolo, he was 75 for heavens sake.   Anyway, my point is that I believed a lot of sex was not great for the older man's heart.  New research is out though girls, and it says that men who have sex at least twice a week are less likely to suffer from heart disease and those who have it once a month or less, are at a greater risk.  I can't help feeling that it won't stop us girls worrying slightly when shilly shallying with an older chap - are we gonna push that blood pressure up to far?  Whatever the truth may be, I reckon sex will always be good for the soul - and hey...what a way to go.. Toodles K x

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