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HYPERAre you hetereosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual?  Or perhaps you might be hypersexual.  Hypersexuality is the condition where one has extreme sexual addiction and a new study has revealed that 3% of women have this condition. Most studies for hypersexuality have been carried out on men, and the study of hypersexuality behaviour in men was mirrored by women - pornography dependency, excessive masturbation and promiscuity.  This "problem" has not yet been medically recognised although it is recommended that those who "suffer" with it get therapy. Why is it that taking pleasure in watching porn, masturbating and having sex on a regular basis means that someone is "suffering"?  Surely this is the most natural thing in the world to do.  Promiscuity for a man or woman is fine so long as it's consensual.  I'd be interested to know how many times you masturbate constitutes extreme behaviour and who decides that it is so?  Well here's my little idea as to why hypersexual women were more promiscous - most of the 3 percent of women who were diagnosed were also bi-sexual;  liking both men and women means they need to put in more time to be having sex with both sexes - there we go, easy explanation! Hannah Hunter

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