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How To Boost Your Sex Appeal

DIAMONDA miserable rainy day in London -such as today,  is not going to be giving any of us any sort of a boost.  But for us girlies a new hairstyle, walking in a new pair of heels with a glowing tan will -of course do.  And not forgetting the boys - praise at work, a new suit and a freshly shaven face (surely not in East London?!) will make the boys feel confident. Here are a few more tips to give your friends/family/partners/lovers and of course your good selves a dose or serotonin - some are within your control, some will not be suitable for your father, but they will all create a positive mood...being asked out on a date, going to the gym, eating a healthy breakfast, booking a holiday, a diamond ring (durr?!), whitened teeth, Calvin Klein boxers, a long weekend, good music, a nice smelling aftershave. So you get the picture.  All of the above will produce serotonin in the brain which will lead to a better mood/increased confidence/your chance of sex!  Everyone's a winner! Now off your pop to the local travel agent.. Hannah Hunter    

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