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Healing Powers of Garlic

Every woman knows, cystitis and thrush can be the bane of every woman's sex life - especially in the throws of a new relationship when it creeps up on all that sexy fun you're having, creates itching, nasty odours and other unpleasant symptoms and puts a great big kibosh on it!   One woman who had been having a lot of sex, working too hard and generally burning the candle at both ends had just about had enough of her nasty infection so she decided to take matters into her own hands and turned to nature to help out.  Garlic to be precise.  Now we all love a bit of garlic to flavour our food but we don't often use it to insert into our lady bits, but that's exactly what this lady did!  What you may not know is that garlic - as well as being a delicious herb is also a potent anti fungal and natural antibiotic, now I'm no doctor but it's worth giving it ago go if nothing else is helping right?  She threaded a piece of string to it and wrapped it in a piece of cloth and inserted it over night.  Apparently the symptoms cleared up with in a week.  Coincidence or not?  You decide! Hannah Hunter garlic

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