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beashat12Princess B's hat has been auctioned off for £80,000 + for charity, what a nice lass she is! Crazy milliner Philip Treacy took some stick for it though, but let me explain what really happened. Philip got drunk with Jilly Goolden, on some cheap wine that she was reviewing. And you know Jilly, she of the outrageously extravagant winery wordsmithing? Jilly was on top form as usual, and after a few sniffs she said, 'I'm getting whiffs of toilet lid, I'm getting octopus tentacle winding it's way around my senses, I'm enveloped in taupe silk, frightened owls eyes... (God, she's SO dramatic that one, worse than your own Cherry F-T here!) Philip suddenly screamed, 'Eureka! Stop right there Goolzer me old mucker, I have an idea!' And so it was... I had originally thought that B's wide eyed scariness was because of excitement, but it was obviously from complete and utter shock, when she saw what she was going to be wearing on her head, poor lass! Toodles! Cherry Fakewell-Tart. xxx

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