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Good Sex = Healthy Heart

It seems to be a sad fact of modern day life that every little ailment we get we are medicated with pills, it's the quick fix that everyone's after, and of course they very much have their place in society, but we are really missing a trick by not looking to other more holistic ways to treat ill health.  With all the pressure of life today,  everyone seems to be stressed, but there is no doubt that there are other ways to reduce symptoms of stress - ones that are enjoyable & free!  Yup - good sex!  It's true - a good dose of good sex can get your heart in to good shape!  Volunteers were assessed before & after a sex session and blood pressure was reduced on average by around 13%, this, incidentally is a similar amount to what a medicinal pill can do for your blood pressure.  It does need to be "good" sex though, as the intensity of the orgasm affects the blood pressure (yes it is possible to measure orgasm intensity, apparently), so the better the orgasm, the more the blood pressure is lowered!  This is down t0 the feel good hormone oxytocin which is released at orgasm. Not sure how sex can be offered on the NHS but could help with saving them a few pennies by recommending a few more "extreme cuddling" sessions to patients with not such a healthy heart!   Hannah Hunter

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