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Good Old Fashioned Bum Pinching!

My teenage years and early 20s were spent mostly hanging out in bars and clubs with my buddies, being chatted up, leched over and frequently had our bums groped by an array of men from the sublime to the rediculous.  Including a couple of ex boyfriends I might add.  Granted - it was annoying at times but it was all a bit of fun and did pave the way for quite a few hilarious anecdotes that still come out from time to time.  Well things may be about to change - Southwark Council is asking local businesses (mostly nightclubs) to sign up to a set of commitments designed to give women the confidence to report harassment incidents to the manager. I predict a world of confusion about to begin!  First things first - what exactly defines "harassment"? This will no doubt vary from person to person.  People may want revenge on an ex and may fabricate a harassment case, does asking a woman to dance equate to harassment?  Some women may think so, especially if they don't like the look of him.  Obviously any cases of serious harassment cases must be reported and dealt with but once again our men are being emasculated and don't know how they're meant to behave - they'll eventually end up more feminine than us girls, and I for one am not looking forward to that day!  Anyway, back to the point - this is a clear message that female harassment will not be tolerated, but what about women who harass men?  Is this not a clear case of sexism anyway?! Hannah Hunter pinch

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