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Going Under The Knife

Body modification seems to have become quite the norm in the last decade or so, tattoos, piercings, fillers, enlargements, the list goes on.  Labiaplasty (the trimming back of the inner vaginal lips)  isn't a particularly new procedure but there has been a surge in the last few years hundreds of thousands of procedures taking place, aswell as thousands more vaginal rejuvenation procedures (tightening of the canal).  There are of course legitimate reasons as to why a woman might want this procedure done, but apparently many young women - some teenagers even, are wanting this procedure because they are being influenced by the X-rated images they are seeing online.  The "barbie vagina" as it's now being called - a pre-pubescent, small flat, hairfree slit is what these young women are after; they believe that what they see in porn is the norm, which is a million miles from reality!  Surely it shouldn't be an issue whether one woman has larger vaginal lips than another?  We're all different in each and every way and what's not to love about that?!  So don't be dictated to by what you see on the internet.  Plus, all those risks involved (bleeding, infection, scarring and permanent pain) must be enough to put you off going under the knife, right?  Hope so. Hannah Hunter scalpel

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