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More and more women want to have no strings attached sex nowadays.I’m sure the percentage is no more than we used to but women paying for sex seems to be a little more accepted now.The demand in Gigolos is rising and they’re making themselves a nice tidy sum!A male friend asked me as we were discussing this, why would a woman pay for sex when it’s so very easy for any woman (no matter what they look like) to go out, make it know they’re up for a lay and get laid?My response was – granted, it is easier for a woman to go out and pull rather than a man, but it’s not a “sure thing”.Whereas paying for it – you know exactly what you’re going to get!Also, many women are shy and to go out to a bar, giving men the come -on would be excruciating and virtually impossible, ending in a night of disappointment and frustration. I must admit, I have seen an awful lot of very unattractive Gigolos, the good looking ones are definitely in the minority plus they cost a fortune, but if you are a wealthy woman who hasn’t got time for a boyfriend/just out of messy divorce or even treating yourself to a naughty birthday present you can find some hotties out there and once you’ve found him Im sure his number will have pride of place in your little black books!

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