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Get your Gym Bunny on!

Now, very few people love going to the gym - it's more of a chore than a pleasure for most people, but we all know that exercising and keeping fit is great for our general health but sometimes that's just not motivation enough.  How about though, if I told you there were several types of exercises that would help better your sex life, and that there are actually personal trainers who teach workshops on sexual fitness? Before you go and get your lycra on to boost your sexual performance, let me just give you a few tips: The Knee Kiss Plank.  We all know the plank, right? So assume the plank, bring your right knee in til it taps the floor, then straighten the leg and do the same with the other leg.   This movement will build up your core strength which is very useful during sex! Judo Push Ups.  Assume the push up position, move your feet slightly forward to your body makes a V shape, bend your elbows and move towards the floor, swoop hips down and torso up til your hips brush the floor, then reverse the move to the beginning.  Push ups are great for the arm and core muscles - just perfect for your missionary positions. Others include kegels (for both men & women), women can actually buy kegel eggs to insert inside themselves to increase strength on the pelvic floor. Swats, lunges and general stretches are all great for flexibility for both men and women. So there you go for starters - off to the gym with you and see where it takes you... Hannah Hunter

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