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G marks the spot – or does it?

Apparently that elusive G spot is actually no more than a myth.  After 60 years of research a study published by The Journal of Sexual Medcine has cast doubt whether this fabled erogenous zone exists atall.

Apparently one of the scientiests suggested that the pressure on the vaginal wall could actually be indirectly stimulating the clitoris, thereby enhancing the sensation of pleasure.  So there we are! I hear a collective weight being lifted from many a sexually confused man AND woman.  This G spot seems to have been bandied around willy nilly, certainly for as long as I've been sexually active.  I remember boys coyly asking me if I could help them locate mine, I'd try to lead them to the general direction but really and truly I hadn't the foggiest idea either!   But what about all those women who profess whole-heartedly to having found and regularly putting into use their G spot?  Well, whatever the "experts" say, I believe we are experts of our own bodies and let's face it we're not all an exact science.  I bet half of the scientists  don't actually get the chance to spend much time searching for their own, or someone else's G spot so I'm sure the quest to find it will continue!

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