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Food of Love

If someone were to ask you what the most popular aphrodisiac was I very much doubt your answer would be cheese.  Well, you'll be surprised to hear then, that the go to food for the best lovers around is cheese, but not just on it's own with a nice glass of red, to be shared with your lover in a candlelit restaurant, oh no!  But piles of cheddar cheese crammed between two doorstep hunks of bread and then toasted.  This to me is the ultimate comfort food - something I'd eat on my own, in my dressing gown on a cold winter's Sunday night, then go to bed feeling really bad that I'd just eaten a hugely fatty and highly calorific meal!  Oh the guilt!  None of this would put me in the mood for any sort of loving whatsoever!  Watching a lover eating his gooey, greasy pile of deliciousness would put me right off too, cheese breath! Enough said! However, eating this delightful food is comforting, it does make you go "mmmmmm", so something scientific, hormonal and positive must consequentially be going on in our brains to get us feeling fruity.  I suppose it's all about relaxing and enjoying life rather than constantly being paranoid about weight - which so many of us are.  I will take a leaf out of these cheese lovers books and give it a go - throwing caution to the wind once in a while doesn't hurt, plus cheese is a heck of a lot cheaper than oysters and champagne! Hannah Hunter cheese

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