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Feisty Foods

fruitLost the sizzle in your sex life?  Well there's more to eat than simply each other to put you in the mood for some raunchy fun!  Eating curvaceous strawberries, juicy mango or flirty figs are some fabulously tasty erogenous foods, and a glass of pomegranate juice a day helps keep the sex-sappers away too. Wanting to feel more spicy?  Then add some chilli or ginger to your meals - they can stimulate blood flow and mild sweating, factors that mimic feelings of arousal.  Problems with a flacid phallic?  Get yourself a few pilchards - not the most sexy of foods, granted, but if they can pump up your penis then it's worth a go I reckon.  Other foods to bear in mind are obviously asparagus, then we've got liver, beetroot and (let's finish on a positive note) red wine!  Enjoy folks.  All my love Dr Cherry. xx

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