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Did you know that research from the States shows that the most common erotic fantasy is having sex with either a past, present or imaginary lover. In at number 2 is being dominated or sexually submissive. High up on the list too is talking dirty, apparently this can help those with difficulty reaching climax and by all accounts pushes arousal through the roof. I am surprised there was no mention of obscure places!! My personal favourite. I mean, given the choice of an ex lover, a fantasy one, being dominated or having someone whispering ‘not so sweet nothings’ in my ear OR finding a secluded bluebell wood, the balcony of a tall building or a swivel chair behind a locked office door – all of course with my current beau – I know what I would choose every time. What it all comes down to is that it is all about whatever floats your boat. I want to know what you think… Katrina X

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