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Fancy a Bit of Butter Churning?

If I was to say "butter churner" to you, what would spring to mind?  Would you be thinking about the old-fashioned way we used to churn butter, or perhaps those of you with the more naughty of minds might be thinking something a little more sexual; you naughty-minded bunch would be correct, it is indeed a sex position! If you're thinking of trying this position out, or you're perhaps a regular user of the Butter Churner, you'll know it's not for the fainthearted - literally.  Neither is it for the moaners-&-groaners-when-getting-up-from-the-chair brigade.  To do it properly you are going to have to be fit, flexible, fairly adventurous and willing to accept the possibility of cramp in the neck, but if you can handle all of that, then the pros of this position can be mind-blowing.   The woman can experience a blood rush to the head which can increase the intensity of the orgasm.  So I'm sure those of you who don't know anything about this position then this is how it's performed...the woman lies on her back with both her legs raised and bent over, so her ankles are pulled back towards her head. The man then squats so he can penetrate her vagina from above her.  Men, please remember to go easy on the thrusting or you could do some damage to your partner's upper body. Why is it so-called? Because the motion is said to be similar to making butter in an old fashioned butter churner of course! So there we have it, no longer will you be confused if someone asks you to give the old Butter Churner a go! Hannah Hunter  

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