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Extreme Cuddling

nakedcudleApparently only one in six cuddles will lead to sex, and the more you cuddle the better your sex life will be.  Is this so Mr and Mrs Scientists in the Cuddle Clinic?? I can see how this would be so and I see how this would not be so... If you are a big cuddler this probably means you like the partner who you are cuddling - therefore having more sex is a given with someone you like - generally speaking.  On the other hand, surely one goes down the cuddle route when one wants to feel nurtured and protected, not when one's feeling horny and sexy..So two totally different frames of mind.  In my humble opinion, cuddling tends not to lead to "extreme cuddling".  However, a little tip for you men out there, if this study is to be believed - why not try giving your partner six times as many cuddles, then you might be in with some more luck ;)

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