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Well, well,  guess what? In spite of a six month campaign by every police force in the country, the government and specialist agencies, none of them was able to find a single person who had coerced anyone into prostitution. The Guardian has been running an ongoing investigation into sex trafficking and has found that on all counts, sex trafficking into the UK has been massively exaggerated by politicians and the media. It transpires that the figures are distorted, the facts are plucked out of thin air, and the politicians amidst much arm waving and hypocrisy, feel that they must defend these "poor victims" on behalf of the great British public, and so have spent vast amounts of  time and resources on seeking out these villians, which now the report suggests, are few and far between. As Grahame Maxwell, head of the UK Human Trafficking Centre and Chief Constable of North Yorkshire said: "There are more people trafficked for labour exploitation, than there are for sexual explotation. We need to redress the balance here. People just seem to grab figures from the air." Says it all really doesn't it...? Read the full article in The Guardian by clicking on this link:

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