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Does Sex Sell?

If you saw an advert using a naked woman sprawling all over a sofa, would you a) know what the advert was selling? and b) if it was selling furniture  would it entice you to buy the furniture?   I wonder.    A furniture company in Bolivia has been criticised for using a raunchy advert with a naked woman in it, saying that it is sexist.  I'm not so sure that it is sexist (not exactly what "sexist" means anyway), but perhaps a little stupid or asinine even?   It would certainly make me assume that the people who put together the advert had zero imagination and don't take their business or clientelle seriously.  I'm sure we can all admire the naked form of a beautiful woman, but save that for selling lingerie!  Okay, so maybe we've all had sex on a sofa or two but we generally don't buy our sofas having sex our the mind! Beds however, that might be a different story! I'd be genuinely interested in knowing if this company has actually been successful in their mission to sell more sofas.  If nothing else they are at least being talked about and maybe that was their plan all along.  They say sex sells but in this case.....really??!   V0048522 A young woman, posing semi-naked in a photographic studio, l Hannah Hunter  

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