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Do you tell them or not?

On Saturday, I was at the wedding in Notting Hill I told you about last week and it was amazing - the best wedding I have been to for a long time.  Gorgeous venue with a crazy roving band who followed us from the church all the way to the reception venue - if you were out and about on Ladbroke Grove last weekend you may have spotted us!   Anyway...  I saw a girlfriend I had not seen for a while and the moment I saw her I knew she had had some work done!  The problem is a) it showed and b) it had ruined what is normally such a pretty face.  She had alluded to wanting to have botox a while ago and it was so obvious that she had given in to it.   Now I have no problem with people having the odd little bit of work done here and there, but if you felt it had made someone look worse - would you tell them?  The area she has had done is around her mouth and it has changed her smile and there is so little movement around her mouth now - it looks weird and SO OBVIOUS.  So come on guys and gals do I do the good friend thing and tell her, maybe she should see someone better or maybe she should not have it done again.....Or do I just carry on regardless and hope I get used to it... The problem is, all day I found myself staring at her mouth, I could barely catch her eye - she must think I am a fruit loop. Wha'd'yall reckon... K xx

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