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Designer Vaginas

DVReading that more and more teenage girls are having operations to give themselves so-called designer vaginas is really quite shocking.  Youngsters are able to access porn much more readily nowadays and this easy access is apparently giving rise to the desire to obtain the very same "neat" genitals as they see on porn actors. 266 girls under the age of 14 had surgery between 2008-2012, sometimes this is performed even before puberty is complete.  I can understand that if someone is experiencing pain and discomfort then surgery might be the only way forward.  But when it comes to how we look down there, girls - we are all different, we all have different facial features so why do our genitals have to be uniform?  Well they don't have to be!  If you have labia that are larger or shaped differently to what you see on porn stars,  then this gives your man all the more to play with - so do try and turn your so-called negative into a positive - because variety is the spice of life!

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