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Designer Vagina

An Indian company has designed an intimate wash to "brighten" the vagina.  This tv advert is on prime time tv and shows a woman using the product to brighten her most intimate parts to please her man. Cue:  FEMINISTS.  And I can't really blame them. Why do men care what shade a woman's bits are anyway?  Im sure most men couldn't give a toss.  But in India, "fairness" can be synonymous with beauty and desirability and skin lightening is a big business so perhaps changing tha dark and intimate place to a bright place is in fact desired by men aswell as their women. Isn't it strange though that white folk spend a fortune on wanting to have darker skin using sunbeds and fake tans, but when people want to lighten their skin it's seen as racism.  So long as this product is harmless and as long as it's not aimed towards young girls or makes young girls feel insecure then if a women wants to brighten her dark bit - let her get on with it - although I must say, this is complete madness in opinion!

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