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Carry On Russian ITunes!

porntunesSo it seems that Itunes have made a bit of a boob!  Itunes launched in Russia last week and has since been bombarding people with explicit, naughty images; oh Apple, what a blunder!  Call me cynical but could it be a publicity stunt?!.... The story goes.. people who've been signing up to rent a film (not an adult film I hasten to add) have been faced with a pornographic image.  Can you imagine the embarrassing scenario - three generations of family all sitting down after a boozy Christmas lunch, about to watch Return of the Jedi, and they get a still from Debbie Does Dallas instead.  Awkward.  Especially when little 12 year old Jonny gets himself a semi, Mum goes bright red and drunk Uncle Tom starts to get overly amorous with Aunty Liz!   Ahh well, all cute little anecdotes to add to and pass on.  I'd just love to see that happen within a couple families - would make my Christmas!

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