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Buttock Enlargement

BUMS"Curvy is the new sexy!"  Oh what music to my ears - and to the ears of other curvy girls, I bet!  Curvy Kim Kardashian fever has heped fuel a 58% increase in buttock enhancements.  The demand for it is so much more now that 11% more surgeons in the US have been offering it as a service. So how is a buttock enlargement carried out I hear you ask...well, like this - fat is taken from unwanted areas of the body (which ironically many people think this area is their bum), and is simply popped into their buttocks - et voila!  You have yourself an ample buttock! People wanting to emulate stars such as Kim could really start to create a change in the ideal body mentality.  I'm not talking let's all get our bums done like the lady in the picture here who seems to have a little too much junk in her trunk, but maybe we can start to drop the idea that the anorexic-style models are a healthy picture of women and start being more realistic about women's bodies. We are after all the child-bearing sex, therefore meant to have hips.   As long as a women is healthy and happy about her body, it doesn't really matter what shape she is - surely? Hannah Hunter

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