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Butt Plugs & Dildos

It's not every day you read about giant butt plugs and dildos over the Saturday morning papers, but wonders will never cease, as they say.  And I'm not talking cheap and cheerful plastic items here, I'm talking expensive jade and bronze.  These items have been found in an archaeology dig from the Han Dynasty within ancient Chinese tombs; the Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China and dates back 2000 years.  So sex toys certainly aren't anything new. These items it's thought, belonged to aristocrats, they were made of expensive materials and found within aristocratic tombs. Archaeologists discovered 2 huge hollow bronze dildos with a metal strap which were thought to be used by men, the bases were a giveaway as to how they were used.  The butt plugs - these weren't used in quite the way you naughty folk might expect, but they were for a more macabre use by embalmers for the deceased, and I won't go in to any depth!  So there we have it, people clearly took sex play seriously all those years ago too!  I wonder if we'd find anything similar in another 200o years time in any of our Royals' tombs.  We will never know! Hannah Hunter dilll

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