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denA restaurant in SE London, at the bottom of a block of flats, has been suspected of being used as a sex den. It could sound liberal and glam as apparently there are strippers and exotic dancers performing , but when you mix that with drunken people and condoms strewn about the streets - well, not quite so glam really. Of course sex is great and keeping it inside, well there's nothing wrong with that, but the neighbours must be going a crazy at weekends when it's said to be taken outside the restaurant for all to see.  In fact it's rather disrepectful and selfish to be bonking on someone else's car and chucking the condoms beside it.  Anyway - I thought this place was meant to be a restaurant, I can't imagine any customer popping in for a quiet coq au vin quite imagined sex to be on the menu, having said that they may even experience the most pleasant surprise of their life!   Anyway - rather than just closing it down, et's hope they come to some agreement to keep everyone happy.

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