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Boob Wallpaper

WALLPYes, as bizarre as it sounds, it's out there to buy!  Not the image to your right but proper real life boobs.  The breast-inspired wall paper was the boob child (sorry "brain") of a photography student.  With all the boobs that were in the press last year - including our very own Duchess of Cambridge's boobs, she thought she would recruit 250 volunteers to get their fun bags out to create this amazing wallpaper! I love the fact that the women who bared their boobs aren't models, but "ordinary" women, including cancer survivors, a 65 year old vicar and even a transgender woman - brilliant!  I think I'd spend hours and hours on end trying to work out what sort of person owned what boobs.  I'm not sure the best place for this would be a feature wall in the dining room but I think a nice bit of bosom in wallpaper form could look grreat in the loo, so why not go and buy your roll now - it's for charity too! Hannah Hunter

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