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Bizarre Sex Dream? Here’s What it Might Mean

Erotic dreams happen, and they can reveal your deepest desires—but that's not always the case. 

If you've ever had an erotic dream about someone who you don't find attractive, dreamed about cheating on your partner or had a wild orgy, it can be confusing.

But, instead of freaking out, read this post and discover what those dreams really mean and whether they're indicators of something you actually want. 

What it means when you dream about someone you're not attracted to 

In your regular day-to-day life, you might fantasise about Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, or a younger Sophia Loren. So, settling down for the night and having an erotic dream about your 70-year-old neighbour or your squash partner can be unnerving, at the very least. 

However, according to an article from The Guardian, around eight in ten people have experienced an erotic dream about someone they don't find attractive, and there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. 

The Brain's Imagination Network 

Daily, we rely on our brain's Executive Network, which ensures logical thinking. However, as we sleep, the Executive Network switches off, and the Imagination Network kicks into gear. 

Quite simply, there's no logic there, leaving an imagination that's free to run wild, resulting in erotic dreams that defy reason. For example, someone who's straight might have a same-sex dream - despite having no interest in exploring bisexuality in their daily lives. 

People who think about sex or erotic situations while they're awake are more likely to have dreams of the same nature, but the brain associates these dreams with a familiar figure. 

The important thing to remember is that having an erotic dream about someone you're not attracted to doesn't mean you're harbouring deep desires. 

Dreaming about BDSM 

BDSM dreams are common, with many people opening up a world of bondage, domination, sadism and roleplay in slumberland. 

While these dreams might signify a desire to let yourself go and indulge in some harmless BDSM play, they can also represent how you feel about your life and current relationships. 

Too much or too little control?

If you have no interest in BDSM, your dream could mean you're battling with control issues. People who dream they're dominating other people might have little control over their lives and feel that they need more. 

Those in high-powered jobs often feel a need to let go and don't have the opportunity to do so while awake. 

Orgasm dreams 

Dreaming of having - or not having - an orgasm might seem like a clear sign of your sexual desires—but that's not always the case. So, what do they mean? 

Well, if you dream of having an orgasm, it's often tied to your sexual desires. Some people might have them because they're enjoying an active sex life, while others experience these dreams because they're unfulfilled. 

Being unable to climax 

Sex dreams where you can't achieve an orgasm are usually about frustrations in life. Not meeting the right partner, struggling to advance your career, or feeling like you're unable to achieve things are all signs of these dreams. 

Men who have dreams about being unable to perform might think they're feeling inadequate, but specialists link them to being unable to let go or dealing with high levels of stress. 

Dreaming about taking part in an orgy 

Now, some people would love dreaming about an orgy and thank their vivid imaginations for the nocturnal experience of their lives, while others will wake up feeling very disturbed about their dream-related actions. 

You might initially believe your dream is about letting go and exploring new sides of yourself, which might be true. However, there are other reasons for dreaming about group sex, and they have nothing to do with your desires. 

Feeling overwhelmed 

Dreaming about group sex can often mean you're feeling overwhelmed with life in general and might need to step back and reevaluate everything. 

Dealing with a stressful job, multiple family commitments, or not having enough time to complete tasks often means it's time to rest and decompress. 

Sex with an authority figure 

Ever had a dream about getting down and dirty with an authority figure? Whether it's a teacher, police officer or anyone else, you're not alone. In fact, these dreams are incredibly popular - especially if you don't get to enjoy much roleplay in your daily life. 

Perhaps you're sick of dating inexperienced women and want to experiment with a sexy, mature lady who will keep you on your toes, or maybe something else is happening. 

Past experiences 

Men might experience these dreams because they have hectic jobs and a lot of authority, or they can tie back to relationships with family members. 

Authority figures represent control for some and security for others, and exploring one's feelings is the best way to understand what's going on beneath the surface. 

Dirty talk sex dreams 

Some people love dirty talk, while others feel uncomfortable. Dreaming of speaking dirty to someone—or the other way around—can feel liberating and like exploring another side of yourself. 

Many of these dreams are caused by people feeling restrained in their daily lives, and their imaginations run free while asleep. 

Need to let go?

Dirty talk dreams are nothing to worry about, and it might be that you're not meeting people who make you feel comfortable enough to let go. Spending time with someone who enjoys dirty talk can help you move past your boundaries and explore your fantasies. 

The bottom line 

Most people experience sex dreams at some point in their lives, whether they're straight, gay, asexual or anything else. Understanding the deeper meaning behind your sex dreams can help you navigate any uncomfortable feelings and move past them. 

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