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Average Penis Sizes Worldwide: How Do You Measure Up?

Does size really matter? Men worldwide ask themselves this question and often dread hearing the answer. While many women will say it’s not about how much you have but what you can do with it that counts, that doesn’t stop men from obsessing over how they stack up. 

Well, if you’re ready to find out, stick around - because we’re about to reveal the average penis size of each country.

Spoiler alert: the USA and UK aren’t even in the top 50. 

Ten countries with the largest penis size 

So, which countries stack up the best? Well, Europe hardly gets a look in here while other countries stand out (pun intented). In ascending order, here are the world’s largest penises when erect: 

10thZambia 6.21 Inches 
7th (Joint)Netherlands 6.25 Inches 
7th (Joint)Cuba 6.25 Inches 
7th (Joint)Gambia 6.25 Inches 
6th Senegal 6.28 Inches 
5thHaiti 6.30 Inches 
4th Sudan6.48 Inches 
3rdBolivia 6.50 Inches 
2ndCameroon 6.56 Inches 
1stEcuador 6.93 Inches 

As you can see, men in Ecuador boast the largest size when erect, and the Netherlands is the only European country to reach the top ten. 

How does Europe measure up?

Europe is known for its sophistication, culture, and history. French men are known for romance, while British men are known for their wit. Italian males rule when it comes to fashion sense and maintaining their appearances. 

Let’s examine what Europe’s most popular countries have to offer.

France 6.20 Inches Just 0.5 short of the Netherlands, French men bring a lot to the table. 
Italy 6.04 Inches Italian men can boast style, sophistication and the third largest penises in Europe. 
Sweden 5.94 Inches Swedish men are known for their good looks, and it seems they have plenty going on beneath the surface too. 
Bulgaria 5.91 Inches Falling just a bit short of Sweden, Bulgarian men have something to brag about. 
Belgium 5.81 Inches French, Dutch and German cultures make Belgium an exciting country, and the men aren’t doing too badly either! 
Germany 5.72 Inches German men are still well above Europe’s average size. 
Spain5.45 Inches Surprisingly, Spanish men are behind Germany, Belgium and Bulgaria. 
United Kingdom  5.17 Inches Men in the UK have an average size of 5.17 inches when erect, falling short of many other European countries. 
Ireland 5.01 Inches Irish men are slightly ahead of Romanians with an average size of 5.01 inches. 

Countries with the smallest penis sizes 

Now you know where Europe measures up, it’s time to explore which countries have the smallest average penis size. In reverse order, here they are: 

Bangladesh 4.41 Inches 
Sri Lanka 4.29 Inches 
Philippines 4.27 Inches 
Myanmar 4.21 Inches 
Cambodia 3.95 Inches 

What about girth? 

According to research, the average penis girth worldwide is 4.59 inches when erect (Science). Surprisingly, length and girth don’t always correspond, with some countries falling short on length but delivering on girth. 

Let’s explore which girth size by country: 

France 5.37 Inches Above Average 
Netherlands 5.33 Inches Above Average 
Belgium 5.22 Inches Above Average 
Sweden 5.03 Inches Above Average 
Ireland 5.00 Inches Above Average 
Germany 4.88 Inches Above Average 
United Kingdom 4.81 Inches Above Average 
Italy 4.80 Inches Just Above Average 
Zambia 4.60 Inches Above Average 
Bangladesh 4.13 Inches Below Average 
Romania 4.04 Inches Below Average 

As you can see, length doesn’t always define girth. For example, Zambia and Italy beat the UK in length, but don’t compete in girth. Considering the average vagina depth is around 3.6 inches, larger girths can provide more fun than long penises. 

Does penis size really matter?

The UK and Ireland fall short of the 5.54-inch global average - but does it matter that much? You’re probably thinking so, but size genuinely isn’t everything. Many women might joke that they prefer large penises, but the fact is, the bigger it is, the more pain it can cause. 

Let’s take a look at why bigger isn’t necessarily better. 

  • Style over substance: The best lovers give plenty instead of waiting to receive. Men with smaller penises can be great in bed because they know what they’re doing and focus on the woman’s wants too. 
  • More fun: Large penises can negatively impact the sexual experience as they’re more painful for women. Well-endowed men might not get to try different positions due to discomfort. 
  • Better oral: Gag reflexes are a big issue for oral sex, and some women might shy away from a large penis. Men with smaller penises are easier to handle, and the right women might even offer a CIM experience because they don’t need to worry about their gag reflex. 
  • Girth over length: Most women agree that girth is more important than length. So, if you’re small in length but offer a lot of girth, you have nothing to worry about. 
  • Anal play: Large penises can be painful for women, and many A-Level escorts won’t engage in it if they feel it will be too uncomfortable. 

The bottom line 

The size of your penis might play on your mind, but remember - it’s not the be-all and end-all. Instead, focus on what you can do with it and aim to provide your partners with a great experience—they’ll reward you in return. 

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