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handstand Bamboo, Hang Ten & Handstand - what would be the first thing you'd think about if I was to say these words to you? I'd wager probably not sex!  But if you did then you'd be correct as these are actually sex positions!  These are the show-off sex positions worthy of a gymnastic Olympic gold medal! So if you want to impress your new partner, or give your sex life a bit of spice then have a read of these tasters... Edgy.  This is a Karma Sutra position, it's more about the meditation while in position rather than the thrusting. Hang Ten.   It's a complicated one!  If you want a step by step guide I'd suggest you look it up, but a little teaser - the woman can "milk" the man by repetitively squeezing her pelvic floor - hard work for both! Sexy Scissors.  This looks impressive but is also great if you're both a bit knackered! Handstand.  Self explanatory - well sort of.  Impressive if you're athletic enough, but you'll need to have a sense of humour about this one as you could both end up on a heap on the floor! Others include the classic Wheelbarrow, Giddy Up, Vine & Frenzy.  Plenty of research to be getting on with and good luck! Hannah Hunter

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