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Genitalia-shaped bumper cars, nudist pool and a 7D vibrating cinema - it's a theme park folks but not as we know it!  A new theme park - strictly for adults, is set to open in Brazil in 2018.  Erotikaland as it'll be aptly named, will charge an entrance fee of $100 and there's going to be all sorts of adult fun including access to an aphrodisiac store (fascinated to know what they'll sell in there!), and a "train of pleasure" hosted by gogo girls and boys, but they are drawing a line at sex!  If you're fancying a bit of hows your father though you won't have to travel far to get it, there will be motels nearby which will be owned by the park where you can take your adult fun to the next level.  So all sexy areas covered. Brazil isn't a country which is exactly shy about the naked human form or sex, the annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro is my case in point so surely this is going to be a popular past time.  A great big naughty adult play ground!  I'd pay the money to go and have a nosey around, probably wouldn't make a habit but it's undoubtedly a bit of a novelty.  There's always going to be opposition to this type of activity but it's going to create 250 jobs and provide many a laugh I should imagine, plus it'll be promoting safe sex, always an advocate for that! Hannah Hunterrio

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