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All I want for Xmas is a great big stiffy!

Gosh, those people who make Viagra are truly making a killing; 14.5 million tablets at a cost of £78 million were handed out last year by the NHS. Anyway –I digress, the Season to be Jolly is now in full swing and one can’t be blamed for thinking one may be spending some longer-than-average sexy time between the sheets. But oh no no no, these times of austerity means everyone is cutting back, no-one more so than the dear old NHS. They have been advised to now prescribe only 2 Viagra pills a month to those in need, as opposed to previously prescribing 4! 2 bonks a month? So this means cutbacks are now being extended to the boudoir too and this is a whacking great 50% cutback! Dear oh dear! But hang on – all is not lost, apparently one can get Chinese made viagra which I’ve heard is good if not stronger for about 40p per pill, this would mean that 14.5 million pills would cost 5.8 million! Always a silver lining – phew!

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