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A Right Royal Boob

royalb1So I'm staying on the subject of boobs today, and I know it's a little late, but it's Royal boobs.  I just wanted to see how long it took for the furore to die down, and to see what the fallout was.  Apart from the magazine being fined and Wills and Kate being royally pissed off - diddly squat happened!  Why?  Because it's a pair of tits, which half the population own.  But at the time - for a good couple of days - all eyes were on Kate's bristols! We do  find it quite fascinating to see a celeb boob, but when it's a royal boob that's a whole different kettle of fish!  It's a wierd concept that we find it wierd that a future king might see his future queen wife naked, let alone bonk!  We think of them as being so sanitised that they would abhore the very thought.  Well, haven't we just had that idea blown right out of the water!  Come on the world - she's a young woman, with a sexy body, getting her nips out holiday - in my opinion, that's what it boils down to!

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