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Viagra has been revamping the sex lives of many people over the last 20 or so years.  But it has been the responsibility of the man to to take that little magic sex-life saving pill.  Recently though we've heard rumours of the female viagra, but it has only been little whispers in the distance as opposed to women singing it's praises from their bed posts!  Well, this is because it hasn't been quite the success that the male pill has been.  It was launched last year and everyone was excited about this new product but apparently it only works marginally better than the placebo, plus one in three women who took the pill experienced unpleasant side effects such as nausea and fatigue.  This is very disappointing news for women whose flagging libido is really ruining their relationships.  Somehow I can't help thinking though that for women with sexual issues it can often be down to some sort of psychological problem, whereas for men sexual issues are more about physical issues such as erectile dysfunction.  Obviously I don't want to generalise too much here but men and women are definitely different animals and deal with problems in different ways, so perhaps women with sex issues would do better to talk about them and get to the root cause, rather than taking medication.  Just saying! Hannah Hunter viag

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