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Sex & Longevity How about an extremely good reason to have sex? (As if we need one!) A study showed that middle aged men who have sex twice a week were 50% less likely to die prematurely than men who had sex less frequently. The study found that, on average, the longevity of the men was directly related to how often they had sex, and in women, the  connection was between their longevity and enjoyment of sex. You would assume that people with illness have sex less often because of the nature of their illnesses, rather than having worse health because of less sex, but intriguingly that isn't necessarily true. Another study conducted in Wales that was controlled and allowed for factors like age and health still found a positive relationship between frequency of sex and life expectancy! In university students, most of whom don't have any illness or underlying health problems, it was shown that those having sex at least once a week had stronger immune systems than those who didn't, which perhaps could lead to greater longevity. A doctor Michael Ruizen MD suggests that if you have sex twice a week, you could add nearly 2 years to your life, and if you have sex daily (and I mean good sex), you could add 8 years! If any of the above is true, and I hope it is - then doctors should be recommending it to anyone above the age of consent, along with exercise and healthy eating!

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