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No nuking! Antioxidants are natural chemicals found in vegetables and fruit. They are  very important and help prevent the ageing process amongst other things. But for men, antioxidants play an incredibly important role in protecting his sexual function from become defunct! This means that without enough antioxidant protection, a man's blood vessels are likely to become blocked and inflamed resulting in poor circulation, and we all know what that means... So what can you do to prevent this? Firstly eat lots of fruit and veg, especially leafy green veg, apparently the champion of champions in the antioxidant department is broccoli, but not if you nuke it. If your broccoli is microwaved, then virtually all the antioxidants are destroyed along with a number of vitamins, so any gain in eating this vegetable is lost. Always steam your broccoli (and if possible, any other veg) and then it will remain antioxidant and vitamin rich. So keep your pecker up by not using the microwave for cooking veg!

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