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Lingerie Nothing beats sexy lingerie for making both men and women horny. Here's a list of different types of lingerie to set your pulses racing... Let's start with the teddy - a sexy one piece item similar to a swimming costume cut high, perhaps in silk. Then, there is something called the teddiette (never heard it called this before), but it's similar to the above but with suspender belts so you can wear stockings with it. And what about the bustier, a bra which extends to the waist - again with suspender belts to attach to stockings? Or the corset, beloved of courtesans of old and still fashionable to this day, a bustier without straps that pushes up the breasts and is tightened with laces or hooks to give you that sexy hourglass figure. And finally, the waist cincher which is a corset that exposes your breasts, again with suspender belts.  Seriously sexy! All sexy in different ways, one of them is guaranteed to get you both going!

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