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2 for 1

Whilst listening to a woman talk about her Uterus Didelphys on a popular TV show recently with a male friend, the obvious and unoriginal response fell out of his mouth “Bloody brilliant! 2 for the price of 1!”.

Oh dear! Don’t worry, I did tell him what a Neanderthal he was. For those of us who haven’t a clue what this condition was and without going into too much Biology – it’s basically where a woman has 2 vaginas.

Yes – I was pretty gob-smacked too, never heard of such a thing, but my first thought (and I don’t think I’m alone here) was what went on while having sex?? She didn’t, of course, divulge this juicy piece of information to the nation waiting to hear about it with baited breath, but she did say that she went to sex clubs with her hubby! No shame or embarrassment whatsoever and I admire her brave decision to get on national TV to talk about her very personal condition.

As we all know there are plenty of uptight people who will judge her for mentioning something about her “unusual” genitals and – God forbid, even having sex with said unusual genitals! She’s obviously very relaxed about her body. Good on you girl – make the most of what you have!

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