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Article - Why London is the Centre of the Escort World:

London is undoubtedly the greatest capital city in Europe. It’s expensive, cluttered, confusing and deeply mismanaged. It is also vibrant, furious, selfish and invigorating. It is not a plastic city. London survives on its history and exists to bombard the senses. Tourists might not understand London but they will never forget the place.

It is also a thriving business capital. There is money in London and wherever there is money there is entertainment. Alongside the more mainstream nightlife culture London can also boast one of the most respected and popular sex industries in the world. It is a modern, easy and competitive industry catering to an affluent business community. The relaxation of European border controls means that the city is now a safe haven for legal sex workers catering for every taste and sometimes even beyond. The sheer variety of escorts available in London is now unprecedented.

Recent legislation passed by Parliament to tackle illegal immigration has meant that the escort industry now operates within a legal climate of change. Independent escorts and agencies alike are free to operate within the new laws so long as both adhere to strict guidelines. Escorts can now legally work out of their own apartments and agencies are free to advertise without the fear of persecution. Although these laws absolutely do not apply to certain sectors of the industry – street prostitution and illegal sex workers in particular – London can also now be counted as one of the great sex capitals of the world.

Genuine and well-respected escorts have seen an up-turn in the number of foreign business travellers passing through London who are willing to book appointments. Escorts in London are now competing on a global stage. This has led to a more open, relaxed and confident industry which in turn has made London a more attractive stop-over option than ever before.

Any Olympic city is only as good as its counter-culture. The trains might not get you to the Games on time but the distractions are world class.
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