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Article - Illustrated Guide to Eight Kinds of Fellatio

Fellatio, that’s Latin for a blow job, is made up of the eight various techniques pictured bellow, according to Kama Sutra. It was perceived as a low status activity compared to other forms of erotic pleasure but it was not unusual for a nobleman’s eunuch to slip a slurp or two into his master’s personal hygiene routine – the lucky swine! Trying this variety of oral gymnastics will give any world-weary penis a welcome lift after a long day at the office, but don’t even think of adding it to the babysitter’s list of tasks; the days of having carte blanche to sexually abuse the hired help are long gone. 

1. Nominal Congress: Placing the happy member between one’s lips and moving it around.
2. Biting the Sides: Using the teeth to gently nibble along the shaft of the penis.
3. Pressing Outside: Pressing against the tip of the penis and teasing it up in a false kiss.
4. Pressing Inside: Embracing the end of the penis in a firm squeeze with the lips before withdrawing it from the mouth.
5. Pressing the Penis: Kissing the lucky chap while holding it in one hand.
6. Rubbing the Penis: Embracing the entire monument with the tongue.
7. Sucking the Mango Fruit: Gorging on the half the penis as though sucking up an over ripe mango.
8. Swallowing Up the Penis: Indulging the entire length of the penis in a sumptuous sucking embrace.  

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