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Article - How to be a Good Punter

It's a popular misconception that all escorts will do whatever the client demands. They won't. In fact the more a client assumes before meeting an escort then the less likely he is to have a satisfactory experience. No one likes being taken for granted and escorts are no different. A client pays for an escort's time. It is vital that both parties agree how to spend time before meeting in private. Assuming someone will provide a specialist service without providing the details of this service can only end in disappointment. So be honest at the initial point of contact. Explain what you need in advance and agree a fee. It is very rare for a professional sex worker to be unfamiliar with your request. If an escort feels uncomfortable with a request, however, she will more than likely be happy to recommend another partner to accommodate your particular desire. It should be a professional and courteous arrangement.

No one likes being barked at on the phone. Similarly no sober person enjoys a rambling conversation with a drunk. First impressions really do count. Everyone understands that phoning an escort for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experiment but it will always be a far more enjoyable and productive experience if a client is honest and straight forward. Most legitimate escorts will not answer a withheld mobile telephone number. Absolutely none of them will be prepared to travel to a location of your choice without a verifiable landline number. So be prepared and don't take offence if an escort or an agency needs to verify you are who you say you are. This is purely a safety procedure. All escorts are discreet. It is in absolutely no one's interest to exploit personal information. A client is, after all, a valued customer and all escorts are keen to encourage repeat business.

Having agreed a time, a place, a service and a fee, a client should take the time out to make the escort experience one to remember. Hitting the bottle before an escort arrives is not advisable. Why not wait until she arrives and share a glass together? Prepare the space. Get comfortable. Have a shower. Personal hygiene is of paramount importance. If a client has visited a gym before the escort arrives, for example, then it is only polite to take a quick shower. Similarly it is very easy to smell like a hard day at the office. It is only common sense and a client's best efforts will be greatly appreciated. If visiting an escort then be punctual. Make sure you have an address and a postcode. Plan a route. Think about having to park or maybe leave a few minutes earlier to compensate for traffic and public transport. If you find yourself arriving far too early then make yourself comfortable nearby and wait until the agreed time. Don't simply assume that an escort will be fully prepared. On the other hand if a client is running late for whatever reason then he should phone the escort immediately. No one likes feeling stood up.

Perhaps the final thing for a client to remember is never be shy about offering the escort's fee sooner rather than later. Nothing very much will happen unless you hand over this agreed sum. It is, after all, a business transaction. The longer you leave this exchange then the more suspicious an escort will become. Nerves can sometimes be overwhelming so listen for prompts and don't ignore the signals. Be honest and polite. Think like a gentleman and reward yourself with a sensual experience to cherish.
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