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Article - Saying's of the Kama Sutra

1. Decency, realty, and love:
   Personal views and public opinion-
   One who knows the Kama Sutra sees through all such things,
   And is not programmed by one's appetites.
                         (Kama Sutra 7.2.51)
2. Decency, realty, and love;
    Kept in perspective and known according to the status quo.
    One who knows the Kama Sutra is truly-
    Master of Senses.
                     (Kama Sutra 7.2.56)
3.With caressing movements and his hand laying on the top part of her thighs,
   he should caress her, until gradually, he arrives at her innermost thigh.
   If she is agitated and tries to ward off his advance, he should say to her,
   "What's the harm?" And so saying, he should relax her.
   Having achieved that, he should stroke her secret places.
                                 (Kama Sutra 3.2.27)
4.Decency, realty, and love-
   Obeisance to all of them.
         (Kama Sutra 1.1.1)
5.In the evening:
   Having attended a musical concert, return home in the company of friends.
   Light some incense, and together wait for the ladies of the night to arrive.
                                                                 (Kama Sutra 1.4.10)
6.Kama is, first of all, the direct experience of sensual pleasure from a particular kind of fondling-
   Its yield is delightful, impregnated with effective feeling.
                                                                   (Kama Sutra 1.2.12)
7.The basis of erotic experience is the pleasure experienced when;
   The ear, skin, eye, tongue, singly, and together with the nose, are
   Linked together in one's own person, and governed by sense.
                                                                    (Kama Sutra 1.2.11)
8.Kama is, first of all, the direct experience of sensual pleasure from a particular kind of fondling-
   Its yield is delightful, impregnated with affective feeling.
                                                                (Kama Sutra 1.2.12)
9.According to the size of the penis,
   Actors come in three types: Hare, Bull, and Bronco.
   Of three types also are the actresses: Fawn, Mare, and She-Elephant.
                                                                 (Kama Sutra 2.1.1
10.If the two haven't come together yet
    The four following embrace, the Poking Embrace,
    the Crushing Embrace, and the Squeeze.
                                              (Kama Sutra 2.2.6)
11.It is impossible to list all the kinds of good sex. There are too many.
                                              (Kama Sutra 2.1.33)
12.At the time of sex, there are these four embraces:
    Winding Vine, Climb a Tree, Rice and Sesame,
    and Milk and Water.
                                               (Kama Sutra 2.2.14)
13.Anything goes. Because passion waits for no one. So says Vatsyayana.
                                                         (Kama Sutra 2.3.2)
14.Do what is done-
    To a slap, slap back.
    And in the same way,
    Return kisses with kisses.
                        (Kama Sutra 2.3.32)
15.When it is done in the mouth, and not down below-
    We call it 'oral sex.
                             (kama Sutra 2.9.3)
16.From being kept secret,
    And from getting the taste for it sometimes....
    Who knows-
    Who should do what, when and how?
                             (Kama Sutra 2.9.45)
17.Everything that is kissed can be bitten-
    Save the upper lip, the eyes, and the inside of the mouth.
                                                   (Kama Sutra 2..5.1)
18.Good teeth are:
    Able to hold color,
    A proper size,
    Sharply pointed.
              (kama Sutra)
19.No matter how unendurable the injury made by the man,
    She should pay it back to him twice over.
                                       (Kama Sutra 2.5.37ff.)
20.Passion may flourish
    In no other, finer fashion,
    Than through the acts of tooth and nail.
                                    (Kama Sutra 2.4.31)
21.Impaled on a Stake (shulachitaka)
     -one leg above the head
     -second leg extended outward.
       This requires practice.
                                (Kama Sutra 2.6.29)
22.These special techniques are indicated/ In the manner of the following beasts/Not seen
     up till now- Dog-, antelope- and mgoat-style/The "attack on a dokey" (gardabhakranta)
     The "toying of a cat" (marjaralalita)/ The "Tiger's bound" (vyaghravaskandana)/
     "Elephant's crush" (gajopamardita), "Boar's grind" (varahaghrshtaka)/ And the "ride-the-horse" (turagadhirudhaka).
                                                                                                                 (Kama Sutra 2.6.41)
23.In particular villages of women-
    In the regions known as Strirajya
    (The legendary 'Queens' Land')
    and Bahlika (Punjab),
    Many youths may act like harem boys,
    for each and every woman.
                                      (Kama Sutra 2.6.45)
24.The " Subjugation Rinse"
    1.Get a vulture (female), that is, the birk that flies in circles,
       which has died of natural causes-
    2.Make a paste out of: honey, the juice of the amalaka
       plant and some of the vulture's ground-up flesh.
    3. Anoint the body of your beloved with this compound
        and subjection to your whim will be the result.
                                                        (Kama Sutra 7.1.26)
25.They say;
    Sex is like combat-
    From the contentiousness;
    And perversity of desire.
                        (Kama Sutra 2.7.1)
26.They should find some pretext to show off the girl, dressed up and accessorized....
                                                                                       (Kama Sutra 3.1.16)
27.When choosing the bride-
    The mother, father, relatives, and any others whose advice is taken should make the enquiries.
                                                                                        (Kama Sutra 3.1.4)
28.He should make advances upon her with kisses-
    All over her entire body.
                            (kama Sutra 3.2.26)
29.If you must choose one bridegroom, amongst suitors
    who are equally qualified-
    Choose the one who is the most devoted.
                                        (Kama Sutra 3.4.55)
30.The one and only wife should,
     With internalized belief and total absorption,
     Hold the husband as a god.
                                        (Kama Sutra4.1.1)
31.By imitating and adopting for herself the vows and rules of her husband,
    She declares her attachment.
    Should she be forbidden to do so, she should retort:
    "I shall not be put off on this matter"
                                        (Kama Sutra 4.1.26)
32.What reasons are given to justify a second wedding for the husband?
    The only wife may be unresponsive.
    She has bad qualities.
    She is luckless in love.
    There are no children.
    There are nothing but daughters.
    The husband may not like her.
                                 (Kama Sutra 4.2.1)

33.He'll fall at her feet, but not if she's easy.
    She who spurns his advance is attractive.
    That's the way it is.
                                 (Kama Sutra 5.1.16)

34.This is all rather abstract-
     If outcomes such as getting beaten up, disaster, etc. are considered.
     Seeing the other's point of view-
     One ought not propose to proposition someone else's wife.
     (Jayamangala 5.6.47)

35.Having captivated a client, courtesans copulate for love and for money.
    It's natural to have sex for pleasure, and artificial when it's paid for.
                                                              (Kama Sutra 6.11-2)

36.A wise women considers future benefits,
     profits, and affection before resuming
     relations with someone she's dumped.
                                            (Kama Sutra 6.4.43)

    Good character,
    Youth and generosity-
    Are the factors behind being favored in love.
                                            (Kama Sutra 7.1.3)

38.If desired outcomes are not achieved with the instructions provided in
    this treatise, Consider the secret practices.
                                            (Kama Sutra 7.1.2)

39.One may be found favorable in love by:
    Holding an eye of peacock or hyenas in the right hand,
    Having swathed it in leaf  of gold.
    (Kama Sutra 7.1.10)

40.1.Take portion of camel bone, and soak it in the
       juice of the bhringaraja plant.
    2. Burn it to ashes in fire.
    3. Combine with antimony in a camel bone container.
    4. Apply to the eye lashes with a camel bone applicator.
    5. Anyone who comes into sight will fall under your dominion.
                                                       (Kama Sutra 7.1.33)
41.Root of garlic and licorice should be mixed together,
    and drunk in a base of sweetened milk-
    Bull-like virility will be the result.
                                               (Kama Sutra 7.1.35)
42. Take the testicles of a billy goat or ram
      And thoroughly boil them up, in a base of
     sweetened milk-
     Bull-like virility willbe the result.
                                              (Kama Sutra 7.1.36)
43.Mince a portion of vajrasnuhi
    Sprinkle with manashila-
    Dusted with gandhaka.
    Leave to dry seven times.
    Mix the powder with honey and-
    With the anointed penis have sexual union,
    and she will be subjugated.
                                               (Kama Sutra)
44.Having thought to himself;" can I inflame her....?"
    He is observant, when they are joined in passion.
                                              (Kama Sutra 2.8.15)
45.In this way,
    A pair of people,
    Decent and mutually concerned,
    Will never lose their love-
    Not even after a century.
                 (Kama Sutra 2.5.43)

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