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Nympho Strikes Again!

nymphSo briefly, a nympho has been arrested after striking for a second time.  This time she kept her victim (31 yr old African chao – not hard to tell why she picked him then..) on the go for 36 hours.  She picked him up on the bus on the way home from a sex addiction meeting, he was found 36 hours later, by police, weeping on the street.  A few questions to be answered here methinks! a) How does one force someone to have a boner for 36 hours? (Im taking the forcefeeding of viagra out of the equation here). b) Is a 31 yr old virile chap not able to over come, physically, a woman? c) They met on a bus and she asked him back to hers – did he know it wasn’t for a game of Scrabble?  I shouldn’t be so cynicle and rape is a very serious issue – I would really like to hear all the ins and outs (oh there goes another pun!) of this one..