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Women who tilt their heads back are less feminine, less attractive than those women who tilt their heads down.I bet that’s a fact you didn’t know about! As you’ve probably guessed, when we relate this to a man the very opposite applies. Why? Well a man looks more manly and confident with his head held high.Also slightly enhancing the width of the jaw and a wide jaw indicates more testosterone don’t you know!

How then do we rate a smile?A man loves it when a woman shows her pearly whites (quite obvious), but us girls find a chap with a Cheshire Cat grin quite grim!We find them most attractive when they carry a neutral expression.Confused?Let me explain – happiness isn’t really the most domineering expression and whether we like it or not, domination plays its role in sexual attraction.

It’s not just facial expressions which can determine who we’re attracted too, but appendages also count (and I’m not talking willies here!).We generally find men with long fingers quite a turn on (here here). The length is an indication as to how much testosterone a man was exposed to in the womb, and the more testosterone he possesses the more manly he becomes therefore more attractive!See, all makes perfect sense!