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Beware the Piranha Women!

First there was the MILF, then the Cougar now let me introduce you to the Piranha – she’s the new breed of women who are preying on rich men to get them pregnant.According to a top lawyer, soaring amounts of men after getting young women pregnant after having a fling or a one night stand and being forced to pay out exuberant amounts of money for it for the next 18 years.Some are paying as much as £2 million – an expensive night.

I’m sure plenty of people would jump to the man’s defence here but I think that’s pretty unfair,a man has know how to say “I’m using a condom” and if he doesn’t, well, more fool him.On the other hand I think it’s pretty dire that young women are looking at having a baby as a career option., this is simply not fair on the innocent child who is born out of a one night stand where there was probably no love on the mother’s part and most likely – not even an ounce of lust either. Oh greed has a lot to answer for! Men – by all means play as much as you like but just play with caution and watch out for those man-eating Piranha women!